Lake Mattamuskeet Memory

“Lake Mattamuskeet Memory” was captured by Liyun Yu at Lake Mattamuskeet, the largest natural lake in North Carolina and winter host to hundreds of thousands of swans and Canada geese. Attracted to unique landscapes in his area and inspired by the cover photo of the National Geographic book “Dawn to Dark Photographs: The Magic of Light,” Yu sought to capture a different view of the lake under unusual lighting conditions. He wanted a sunrise photo with a clear sky and a clear reflection on the water.

Pro Tips For Composing Landscapes

When there are moving elements within the scene, such as clouds or waves, a neutral density filter may be appropriate. This will serve to enable a long exposure to effectively blur out features in large parts of the scene, making the static elements more salient.

Fog and mist can also simplify a scene, focusing attention on the parts that remain visible. Snow and frost often do the same.

Pro Tips For Composing Wildlife Images

Consider trying to find a subject that is unique in some way. Many wildlife photographs work simply because the subject s is unusual, or starkly breaks a pattern that fills the rest of the frame.

Try adopting a viewpoint that exaggerates a bold feature such as the height of the animal; extremes appear to captivate our attention.

Filter tips

LENS filters, such as polarisers and neutral-density (ND) grads, really need a feature in themselves, but don't be intimidated by these very useful accessories. The judicious use of lens filters can transform your landscape photography and they are not really that complicated when you get used to them.

Getting used to polarisers

Bird of The Month

Blackcap may seem a strange choice for December's 'bird of the month', as it is better known as a common summer breeding visitor to the UK, but more and more of these birds are spending their winters here. Research leads us to believe that the winter visitors are a different population to those that arrive in the summer.