Crète with NX10+30mm

I love my compact kit which can produce stunning images IMAGE( Chania IMAGE( Balos IMAGE( Kalidon IMAGE( Crete IMAGE( Chania IMAGE( Chrissi All are jpeg with no PP.

Wonderful blues - thanks so much for sharing.

I’m really jealous; the sun hasn’t shown its face for over a week in Hastings (UK). I am working on some surf shots I took a few days ago but the sea on my coastline is often muddy brown, not that beautiful azure blue you have. They are lovely photos of a great location. I’m surprised at the depth of field in the first photo at f4, you must be further from the surf than it looks.

Thanks, it was our summer vacation in Crete island. Sun, see and whole ambiance were fantastic indeed. As for the first image I was about 4 meters far from the splashes. I don't know why I shot at f/4, but fortunately the lighthouse is still clearly visible.

#1 and #2 pics is amazing

Looks like fun......thanks for posting those great photos......

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