Looking for a comperable tele lens to my Sigma 50mm - 200mm 4-5.6 lens. Ideas?

So, there are things I like about this lens. It's made for an aps-c body, such as my t2i. It's compact, even with the barrel extended. The front lens element doesnt rotate (unlike the Canon 55-250, which has more of a focal length range, but a couple downsides - such as the barrel, and the rotating front, that I didnt). And I hope that this doesnt come off as smug, because I promise that isnt the intention. Have I found the best in what I am looking for within that price range? Am I overlooking another lens in a similar range? I was able to get this for $150 off of eBay. What I am asking is that as much as I like it, it still feels fragile in the hand (although it may not be. But I'm not about to drop it to test) As I said, I have no interest in the Canon lens mentioned above. I LOVE the old Nikkors. But a lot of those lenses don't have the auto focus. The Sigma has AF and even image stabilization. Is there another lens that has most of these features that I overlooked? If not, I will learn to get over any downsides this lens has. If so, I am willing to invest in new glass, under $300 preferably. Older glass is fine, but autofocus is a bonus.

I have one of these with optical stabilization, for my Sigma SD15 DSLR. It is a very good lens but contrast in the image is less than you will get at higher rungs on the quality/price ladder. I've heard and seen great things from the Fuji 55-200 X-mount lens, but of course you have to use it in a Fuji X camera. I think Sigma has some very good zooms and I can recommend highly the 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM. Here are a couple of sample images from my Sigma SD1 DSLR using this lens. Recently the price has come down quite a bit on this lens, making it a real bargain. IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesm//201409241053542015.jpg) IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesm//201409241053572017.jpg)

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