Sony PMH software and AVCHD 2.0

Hi Everyone I would ask you one thing. When I play AVCHD 2.0 created with Sony PlayMemories in Sony BD Player S480, on my 3D TV videos in 3D are showed with a resolution of 1280x720 while for 2D contents from the same AVCHD 2.0 disc videos are showed in their native resolution: 1080p Why happen this if my sony Hdr-td10 records in 3D 1080i resolution???? Is a limitation of software or bluray player...or I made something wrong??? Thank you and sorry for my bad english

I think there is something wrong. If you make a 3D video with TD10 (1920x1080) it should appear in 1920x1080. I've a S470 & TD10, do not use PlayMemories, all okay.

But you watch 3D videos from TD10 connected directly to BD Player? I'm interesting only to watch 3D videos from avchd 2.0 with my bd player and without use TD10 as 3D player.

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